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By catch, the reason to stop eating seafood

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  • By catch, the reason to stop eating seafood

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Navn:	Moosa-Ace-440x550.jpg
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ID:	526366We are losing our precious marine life and resources due to our inefficient ways of fishing.
    If we want our children to have any fish to eat, clean oceans to swim in and trees on earth we need to make some sacrifices now.

    One of these sacrifices is reducing or completely stopping seafood consumption at this time. .Think supply and demand, and know that for each pound of shrimp you eat there are 12 pounds of dead by catch.

    By catch such as this little creature here, a baby whale shark.

    This artisan fisherman ( someone who fishes for substance ) from the Maldives, found this treasure inside his net. He carefully detangled the baby and placed it inside a bucket until it recovered.

    Here’s the baby whale shark inside the bucket with the catch of the day… It was his lucky day!!

    See full story here.
    Thomas Torjusen - Dykkesidens far