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New computer from Uwatec - Galileo Sol

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  • New computer from Uwatec - Galileo Sol

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    <div style="margin: 5px; float: left; font-size: 7pt;"><div>[img][/img]</div>Uwatech Sol</div>
    What kind of dive computer would you design if you had no limits?
    This is the challenge UWATEC has underta­ken and the result is the all new Galileo Sol, to be introduced early Spring 2007.

    Galileo is a new state-of-the-art computer offering the ultimate in features and tech­nological innovation for an extraordinary underwater experience.

    Highlight Features:

    • Exclusive Heart Rate Monitoring System, incorporating heartbeat into the work load and tailoring the decompression calculations to YOUR dive. Partnered with Polar, world leader in heart rate monitoring instruments.

    • Navigational System with Full-Tilt Digital Compass with Bearing Memory
    • Extra Large Dot-Matrix Display, which can be fully personalized and user friendly like a cell phone.

    • Hoseless Gas Integration and Predictive Multi Gas Algorithm for complete flexibility no matter what kind of diving you want to do.

    • Core UWATEC Technology, guaranteeing the highest level of innovation, safety features and performance possible in a dive computer.
    Thomas Torjusen - Dykkesidens far