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DAN Announces Career Opportunity

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  • DAN Announces Career Opportunity

    Opening for qualified dive medical professionals at DAN headquarters provides an opportunity to contribute on the front lines.

    What if you and your dive buddy were relaxing topside after a deep dive, and your friend didn’t feel well? He was lethargic and said his upper right chest and shoulder hurt. Did he strain his shoulder lifting tanks, or does he have the bends? Would you know what to do?

    Chances are, if you have the right answer – and the training to go with it – you could be a DAN medic.

    Divers Alert Network is now accepting applications from qualified individuals interested in working in the medical department at DAN Headquarters in Durham, N.C. This is a full-time Medic position with competitive salary and benefits. Plus, DAN is associated with Duke University Health Systems, and is situated in the area known as the Research Triangle, an area well known for research and development in the medical industry.

    Read the full article here.
    Thomas Torjusen - Dykkesidens far