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Beware of the stingray

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  • Beware of the stingray

    Paul Hinchey's family thought he was just clowning around years ago when he began groping in the shallow water, waving wildly to them up on the beach at Boca Grande.

    It wasn't until he wouldn't stop -- and seemed to be in some awful pain -- that they realized something was wrong.

    Really, really wrong.

    Hinchey had been hit by a stingray, and he could barely move his legs.

    "They thought I was joking," Hinchey said Friday. He was not.

    Hinchey said he was swimming off the beach at the Boca Grande Club in the early 1990s when he began to wade in to shore and was stabbed in the thigh.

    Read the full article here.
    Thomas Torjusen - Dykkesidens far