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  • Salvo 35w hid

    kom akkurat over at salvo har sluppet 35w hid... nå med ballast i canisteren..

    15.6 Amp Li-Ion 35 Watt Remote Head HID

    Different design than other HID's with the main ballast in the canister with the ignitor in a small housing at the head

    Switch is recessed into the lid for additional protection

    Powered by a 15.6 Amp Li-Ion Battery Providing 240 Mins.(4 hours) of Burntime

    35 Watt HID with 3000 Lumen Output @ 6000 Kelvin

    New Dry Lid is completely sealed providing protection from water intrusion due to a cut cord or switch boot

    Dry Weight 7 lbs.(3.2kg) 3 lbs(1.36 kg) Negitive

    Recharge Time from Complete Discharge 10 hours

    Universal Input Charger. US Input Cord Provided, UK and European Input Cord Available

    Canister and Head Machined from Solid Rod Delrin

    10.75"(234mm) Length, 3.5"(88mm) Diameter


    When Chuck Norris puts on his YBOD, everyone else dies.

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    SV: Salvo 35w hid


    tja.. fant et par i utlandet...  13995,- sek  1030,-  £
    When Chuck Norris puts on his YBOD, everyone else dies.