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seglingskollektiv til Asien!

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    Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

    May/June 2015

    Ahoy Sea Gypsies!

    It has been a busy May and start of June on the farm.

    Biggest news first: The red sails have arrived! You'll see them in the
    picture below. They look fantastic and it's a great help to see them all
    laid out so that we can imagine ourselves on the high seas (instead of on
    high grass as they are now).

    We are also happy to report that we managed to get the engine on board! At
    the moment we are in the process of getting it *into* the boat and all
    hooked up.

    More news:

    – We had a bit of an unexpected delay late last month as we had to refit
    the diesel tanks, but they are all good now and it's full steam (or should
    we say 'sails'?) ahead for Oslo this September we hope.

    – We also had a close shave with our welding machine. Our last one appeared
    to give up the ghost, until an emergency transplant (from another dead
    welding machine) got it up and running again. Our skipper's vision of
    heaven is a world with nothing but brand new welding machines that never
    break down.

    – Life on the farm continues apace. Since we last wrote to you, the
    Norwegian countryside has exploded into summer. The snow is finally gone
    and everything is green and dappled with wildflowers. The bees are very
    happy. Our baby chickens are babies no longer. They are big and bold and
    getting braver by the day. Every morning they expand their wanderings a
    little further and yesterday we spotted one looking curiously at the big
    aluminum monster in the boat-shed. We'll make boat-builders of them yet.

    – There is drama in the hen-house. Our two roosters, who have been at peace
    for over a year, have just declared war on each other.

    – The volunteers are keeping very busy in the sunshine. At the moment we
    have an Irish woman, an English woman, a Belgian man, a Welshman and a
    Swede in residence on the farm. A full crew at the moment - but we still
    have some space for July and August so get in touch if you've a free month
    and you'd like to help out.

    – It doesn't get dark until at least midnight now, and even then it's just
    for a few short hours. More light to build boats in

    Thank you for your suggestions for sailing movies and boat names. We have
    them all lined up on our summer schedule. In the meantime we've watched
    Mutiny on the Bounty (the one with Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson) and
    Troll Hunter (not a sailing movie, but a Norwegian one, so it's been
    approved on that basis by the captain).

    Happy almost mid-summer from Sailing the Farm!

    a: happy gang of boatbuilders.
    b: sails are ready.
    c: welding lady
    d: playing guitar in pyjamas.
    e: the girls dragging the engine onboard.

    a :


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      Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

      Newsletter late July 2015

      Dear all

      The bees are busy and so are we. We're hoping to move the boat to the
      water this year so it's all go, go, go our boat-building farm these
      days. The engine has made it to its final resting place!
      Hallelujah. Hopefully we won't have to use it all that much, but its
      installation marks a big step in the project.

      The rudder is taking shape and looking fantastic thanks to our Welsh
      volunteer, Our Hong Kong volunteer has returned for another
      boat-building stint, this time with her Swedish boyfriend in tow – a
      chef by profession so as well as contributing to the boat-building,
      he's been keeping us well-fed with delicious lunches on the porch.

      The farm itself has been neglected a little this summer in favour of
      the great big aluminum monster in the boat-shed, but we have been
      enjoying lots of nettle-based dishes (it helps to have a professional
      chef around!).

      The volunteers took a well-deserved break from boat-building last
      month and went on a road-trip to Galdhopiggen, the highest peak in
      Scandinavia. The sun shone for the entire trip (and pretty much hasn't
      been seen since) and left some of the fairer-skinned crew completely
      sunburned. Highlights included an ice cave, a moose sighting and
      unbelievable sunsets across the huge Norwegian sky.

      Now that the sea is in our sights, we've started hand-painting guest
      flags on the evenings and weekends.

      Our latest favourite sailing movie is the questionable masterpiece
      that is Waterworld. It's given us lots of ideas for modifications for
      our boat.

      We've named the boat! Thank you all for your suggestions. After a lot
      of thought we decided to go for Sailing the Farm. It sounds a little
      bonkers to native English speakers, but that's kind of why we love it!
      We've cut out the letters in aluminium and they are due to be welded
      in very soon.

      We are still on the hunt for volunteers - particularly those with
      sailing experience - and especially those who've worked on gaff rigs

      Exciting times, and even more exciting times to come. Thank you all
      for your support, it's been a long time coming, but the end is in

      Pictures of the month.

      - Making letters for the boat.
      - chinese weekend visit. checking the boat project.
      - Welding lady making more boxes for the deck. Need endless amount of storage.
      - Guest flag production. This is the welsh one.
      - Rudder is getting installed.

      Love from Sailing the Farm
      - A seagypsy tribe of tomorrow.


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        Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

        Sailing the Farm late september 2015

        Hi everyone!

        Another productive month and our boat hopefully soon to be in water.

        Farm news:

        The bee-seeason is finished for this year, each hive have got around
        20 kg, so now they are ready to have their well-deserved winter
        holiday for next 7 months. The potatoes is still in the soil, but we
        will harvest them pretty soon.

        Boat News.

        Still some days delays with the shipment of the boat to Oslo.
        The engine is ready to start soon. we just need a little work with the
        dry exhaust. Else it looks really good.

        All welding work outside the hull is finished. We will paint the
        underwater part of the boat with expoxy primer this week. Then start
        to tear down the boatshed. Soon our metal-lady will see the sun for
        the first time.

        We still look for potential crew for the first leg of sailing,
        especially if you have good knowledge of gaff-rig adjustment and
        sailing, we would love to hear from you. Also look for some last
        minute volunters to help clean up the farm for the winter. Please
        contact us if you have some spare time in october.

        Pictures of the month:

        a: Flagmaking lady working on even more guestflags. Still a little
        work until we have them all.
        b: engine is in and wired up. Just need some work on the exhaust part
        before its ready to push us up Amazon river and beyond.
        c: welding lady at work.
        d: making wooden box for binocular.
        e: welding up the locking mechanism of the main-hatch

        Love from Sailing the farm


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          Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

          we are floating
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            Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

            Klikk på bilde for større versjon

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            Sunset. Now ready to explore the underwater world. Will get a diving compressor onboard.


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              Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

              Originally posted by Johan View Post
              Sorry to say it, but you are more than two and a half years after your initial schedule...

              What happened/did not happen?!?

              things take time when you work with 15.000 to 20.000 hours project

              soon to be going south


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                Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

                Sailing the farm is on the way south from Noway to Scotland and beyond. If you want to join please contact
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                  Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

                  merry christmas. soon ready to cross atlantic. want to join us?
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                    Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

                    Newsletter January 2017

                    Dear all,

                    As we enter 2017 sailing the farm wants to wish all our friends a
                    sincerely happy new year.

                    2016 was a big change for our project- it was the year of sailing, not
                    just boatbuilding and farming.

                    Sofar we have sailed more than 2000 nautical miles from Oslo to the
                    Canary Islands.

                    been more than 30 pepole onboard in 2016. Hailed from all over the
                    world. It has been a joy to sail with all of you and we hope to see
                    some of you salty crew back for more fun and seasickness in 2017 :-)

                    We are slowly starting to know this metal lady and she seems more
                    happy in stronger winds. Her fastest speed is 8.7 knots. She hates
                    headwind and doesent like tacking very much. (as matter of fact she
                    tacks like a pregnant whale on a bad day) floats like a duck in big
                    waves and feel extremely safe in rough weather.

                    For 2017 we hope to continue explore our fantastic planet, share and
                    learn new skills and also get scuba diving and compressor onboad to
                    explore our underwater world.

                    Our next big leg will be from Canary to South America or West Indies
                    then onwards into pacific. If you want to join please send us an
                    email. We always look for nice people staying long term onboard to run
                    the project forward.

                    And again, we wish you all fair winds and happy 2017.

                    love from
                    Sailing the Farm
                    A seagypsy tribe of tomorrow
                    subscribe to our newsletter:
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                      Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

                      We are now in Salvador Brazil on 12 degrees south after 21 days of pleasant crossing from cape verde.

                      As on old sailing ship crossing equator line Neptune came onboard to baptist the crew, thankfully she didn't use tar and feather as in old days so it was pretty easy to clean off the barber foam, then they was eligible to have a anchor tattoo with name of their loved ones. Some had problem remember their boyfriends name for a second it seems
                      Rest of journey from 0 degree to 12 degrees south was with a couple of days of calm weather until we hit the easterly wind on the south side and then straight for Salvador.
                      Salvador was discovered in 1501 and soon became the main trade route for Portugal and a slave trade port. I'm curious the route they sailed empty back to Africa to get more slaves. Going straight east is hard so they might go south to catch the westerly wind down there. Portugal had some 30.000 voyages shipping more than 4.5 million slaves between Africa and Brazil.

                      Anyway our plan is going south into colder climate again. Hopefully all way down the south American continent before we have to decide if we want to explore African side or west side of south America (if wind and weather permits) .

                      If you want to join please send us an email.

                      Sailing The Farm
                      A Seagypsy Tribe of Tomorrow
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                        Re: seglingskollektiv til Asien!

                        Merry christmas and a happy new year.
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