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Thread: Medlemmer i DKTV

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    SV: Medlemmer i DKTV

    teranvänder en presentation på engelska

    Hi all,
    I am Peter Tuvesson born in Sweden and brought up in the small town Oxelösund which is known for it's Steel. Oxelösund is about 100 km south of Stockholm by the Baltic sea. I spent all my summers in young years at sea sailing with my family, so I am addicted to water and the archipelago surrondings. Nowadays I live in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. I belong to a diving society called LM-dyk where I am responsible for compressor issues. Aside from the society I dive with a group of friends that get together and arranges our own trips. I do most of my diving in Scandinavia but have ambitions to se more of the blue planet, and do so from time to time. Currently, I dive OC, but have tried CCR and might convert to this in the future but I think I will take a trimix course first. I am member in several diving forums around, some are international.

    Dive related training:
    IANTD Cave,2004-03-12, Kevin Gurr, Florida USA
    Other Diving medicin for instructors, 2003-03-09, LM-dyk, SDF and SSDF, Sweden
    NAUI Gas Blender & Oxygen Service Technician[/url],2002-06-08, Stefan Hogeborn, Sweden
    IANTD Advanced EANx, 2001-12-02, Lena Cloffe, Sweden
    CMAS ***, Dive Marshal, 2001-06-06, Johanna Ekström, Sweden
    CMAS **, 1999-06-29, Peter Lögdberg, Sweden
    CMAS *, 1999-05-09, Peter Lögdberg, Sweden

    Besides diving I am found of cooking and science. I am currently helping my father designing a compound steam engine for a steam boat he is building.

    I started at a new job in August at Scania as an application engineer with the misson to serve the technical design development teams.



    Bilden är tagen av Vebjørn Karlsen i Plura i år (jag sitter till höger)
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