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Thomas Torjusen
08-02-2003, 16:09
I en nylig pressemelding fra Padi så opplyser de at de har funnet feil på enkelte av sine RDPer (Recreational Dive Planner). Det er 6 forskjellige versjoner av dykketabellen det dreier seg om. Padi sier videre at det er lite sannsynlig at feilen vil føre til skader, men for sikkerhets skyld ønsker de å gå ut med en bred informasjon om dette. De aktuelle tabellene er sendt ut mellom 1. oktober 2002 og 31. januar 2003.
Klikk les mer for å se hele meldingen fra Padi og en oversikt over hvilke produktnummere som er berørt.http://www.dykkesiden.com/html/news/archives/rdp.jpg

Thomas Torjusen
08-02-2003, 16:12
Her er Padi sin pressemelding om dette:

As part of our proactive commitment to the safety of the global scuba diving community, we bring you the latest dive gear recall updates.

PADI Recreational Dive Planner Recall

We've recently discovered printer errors in certain Recreational Dive Planners (RDPs). The problems may appear in six (6) versions of the RDP, including both air and enriched air tables. Our printer is working diligently with us to correct his error.

These tables may be included in Open Water and Enriched Air Crew Paks, book and table combinations, CD-ROM combinations and alacart tables shipped between 1 October 2002 and 31 January 2003. Please note that not all RDPs you may have received during this period contain printer errors.

While analysis of the problems shows that the risk of injury from the errors is remote, for the sake of safety, we feel a broad approach to this issue should be taken. We ask that you immediately check your existing inventory and remove any RDPs you received from PADI with the product numbers and production codes listed below. The product number and production code is generally located on the bottom right hand corner on the back of the table. The product number and production code consist of a series of numbers and letters resembling: Product No. 60049 XXXPDJ2.

There may also be a revision date (Rev 10/02) and/or version number (Version 1.0) listed. These numbers are inconsequential. In checking the production code for inaccurate tables, please ignore the first three digits and only check the last four.

Product Number Description Production Code

60049 RDP, Enriched Air 32% XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,
Table, Imperial XXXPDL2, XXXPDA3

61049 RDP, Enriched Air 32% XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,
Table, Metric XXXPDL2, XXXPDA3

60053 RDP, Enriched Air 36% XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,
Table, Imperial XXXPDL2, XXXPDA3

61053 RDP, Enriched Air 36% XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,
Table, Metric XXXPDL2, XXXPDA3

66054 RDP, Table, Imperial XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,

66055 RDP, Table, Metric XXXPDJ2, XXXPDK2,

If you have RDPs with the product numbers and production codes listed above in your inventory, please notify your PADI Sales Representative at once. And, as previously stated, please remove these RDPs from your inventory immediately. Upon notification from you, we will issue call tags for the return of the misprinted RDPs and send out replacements.

We will be notifying divers certified after 01 October 2002 via the PADI web site, email and other means. They will be directed to bring their misprinted RDPs into PADI Dive Centers/Resorts for free exchange. We ask for your assistance by including this information in your newsletters and any other correspondence that you have with your customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your customers. If you have questions regarding this notice please contact your Sales Representative (2440) or an Educational Consultant (2540) at PADI (+1 800-729-7234 or +1 949-858-7234).

Budd Riker
Vice President Sales and Field Services
PADI Americas

09-02-2003, 12:58
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