View Full Version : Draeger dolphine rebreather

23-06-2012, 13:19
5000 NOK


Selger Dräger Dolphine med en hel del ekstrautstyr.

Finnes i Oslo.


Draeger 5 Litre tank with valve (Prod. 2003).
All used parts serviced 2004.
New inhalation Bag.

Extra parts:
4 litre O2 tank.
4 litre bailout tank with yoke valve (needs pressure test).
Neoprene covers for tanks.
New spare stainless steel shell.
New spare dosage valve, 32 procent.
New adapter 300 bar DIN to Draeger fitting M24x2 for non-draeger tanks.
New adapter M24x2 to DIN for filling draeger tanks.
High Pressure adapter for non-dreager guage.
Dive-Rite croch-strap.
Counterlung patches.
Extra inhalation bag (patched) with blind-plug.
New plug-set to close counterlungs.
New plug to close dosage unit.
Plugs to close scrubber.
One fill DiveSorb.
4 Litres EW80 disinfectant.