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02-11-2002, 22:58
Nå er dette selvfølgelig i grenseland for reklame, men siden jeg ikke tjener på det og noen av dere kanskje vil finne det matnyttig så.. får det være opp til Thomas..

From Prof. Logunov
Dear colleagues,
Prof. B.A.Nessirio has just issued 430-pp. book on deco physiology and regimen calculations for 80-300 m depths. Experimental materials had been tested in USSR commercial diving operations for the last 25 years and had made foundations for Russia's Navy Tables. Postulated formulas work as they are and need no empiric corrections for the first time in Diving History. New technology of in-vivo blood desaturation with chemicals is also discussed with presentation of experimental super deep no-decompression dives in animals.
The book should be of special interest not only for commercial divers but for tech-divers and for manufactures of dive-computers also. Russian, 430 pages, hard cover, illustrated, deco tables included.
To purchase a book contact:
Chairman, Maritime Health & Diving Department, MAPS, 41 Kyrochnaya Street, St-Petersburg, 193015, Russia
Tel: +007-812-2516152
Fax: +007-812-2512385
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]


Dette fant jeg på:


02-11-2002, 23:14
Har sendt mail og spurt om boken er utgitt på engelsk, da min russisk er noe begrenset..

Venter på svar :)

04-11-2002, 00:28
Svaret ble..

Dear Jan Erik Telnes,
Not this time.

K.Logunov :'(