View Full Version : Bizzy Blue Hole 2009

18-04-2009, 22:28
Aarets konkurranse i fridykkeparadiset Blue Hole i Dahab, Egypt, er ved aa naerme seg. Vi er allerede mange her nede som har begynt treningen. Norge vil representeres av Bjarte Nygaard, Steinar Schjager og undertegnede, og det forventes flere nye norske rekorder i de tre dybdedisiplinene.

Foelg treningen paa www.elisabethfreediver.blogspot.com (http://www.elisabethfreediver.blogspot.com)

Jeg vil ogsaa komme mer flere oppdatteringer her + bilder saa klart.

22-04-2009, 21:50
Ny pers i konstantvekt uten finner paa 30m! Og 55m med finner, saa treningen gaar bra :)

03-05-2009, 22:09
"The 65m dive was one of my best deep dives ever. I felt the urge to turn around at some point, but managed to turn my mind back to relaxing. The last five meters I was fumbling a little with the equalizations, but reach the bottom without problems. The arch opened up like a big door of light and was so beautiful! I haven't had this much time to look at it before, and I enjoyed it alot. The way back up felt quite long and lactic legs meant I had to take my time, but at the surface I was still completely clear. There's still more meters in me!"