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  1. Dive company to stand trial
  2. Great white shark adds fear factor to aquarium
  3. Powerful quake strikes under ocean near Papua New Guinea
  4. NASA Study Solves Ocean Plant Mystery
  5. Necropsy Photos Released from World Record Pregnant Hammerhead Shark
  6. Steve Irwines death only 4th of its type
  7. Scuba Diver Remembers Steve Irwin As The Man Who Saved His Life
  8. Why greenhouse gases heat the ocean
  9. Arctic Ocean continues to freshen up
  10. Santa Cruz shark researchers rescue baby whale
  11. Mystery of a missing sub
  12. Man dies while diving at wreck
  13. Africa: Nearly Half of All Fish Eaten Today Farmed, Not Caught
  14. Gardening to save the reef
  15. Florida man dies after scuba diving accident off Juno Beach
  16. Iron Critical To Ocean Productivity, Carbon Uptake
  17. International Cleanup Day
  18. Finnish fishmonger stocks four-metre thresher shark
  19. French FreeDiver sets new World Record
  20. Fish oils to get IQ test
  21. Zanzibar gets new hyperbaric chamber
  22. Melbourne Diving Services blamed for scuba diver's death
  23. Another tourist dies scuba diving with St. Maarten shark feeder
  24. Diver beats odds to survive 58-hour drift
  25. Taking a dive over the peaks
  26. Do fish hold cancer clue for humans?
  27. Fish refuge proving to be a hard sell
  28. Intersex fish raises pollution concerns in U.S
  29. Is Tide Turning for Turtle Protection?
  30. Safari sets up Irwin memorial
  31. Play Scuba in Aruba Now!
  32. Scuba scam to cover up secret break
  33. Halcyon voluntary recall on Explorer 40 BCs
  34. Nimrod Explorer guests lucky to be alive after drift diving accident
  35. Shy whale surfaces for first time in quarter of century
  36. Suzy Coombs will be the world’s deepest woman
  37. Two rare species of whale seen off Scottish coastline
  38. Beware of the stingray
  39. Fish swap sex depending on mates
  40. Venezuelan FreeDiver Carlos Coste injured
  41. Scuba 'Lobstercam'
  42. Humans raise ocean temperatures
  43. Fish aren't thick
  44. Surroundings cause tropical fish to change sex
  45. Coltri Americas Introduced as Americas Division of Coltri Sub-Italy
  46. DAN Announces Career Opportunity
  47. Fish kills spear-fishing diver
  48. First success for whale project
  49. Wreck from England's Golden Age
  50. Numidia wheel 'disappears'
  51. Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide organise International Photo Competition
  52. Shark molesting scuba idiot
  53. US Nationals Results Reported
  54. Why seawood is a great health benefit
  55. The world’s first freediving log book
  56. Anti-terror fish guard
  57. Scubapro Recalls MK 20 Scuba Regulators
  58. Stranded Freighter Damages Coral Reef
  59. 3 men charged for whale shark’s death
  60. Eating fatty fish prevents kidney cancer in woman
  61. Terri won’t reveal resting place
  62. Fact or Myth: Jellyfish stings are cured by urine
  63. Squid Skin Reveals Hidden Messages
  64. Coast guard searches Monterey waters for missing Diver
  65. Dolphins can feel joy and sadness
  66. Jellyfish Genes May Help Track Cancer
  67. It’s the great London coral reef
  68. Archerfish Tune Their Shots To Universal Properties Of Prey Adhesion
  69. Diver died minutes into dive
  70. Madagascar's coral reef under threat
  71. Phuket diving businesses expect an active high season this year
  72. Embracing the Internet: PADI’s Position on eCommerce
  73. Rising Ocean Temperatures, Pollution Have Oysters In Hot Water
  75. Dive class offers wounded Marines new adventures
  76. 12 Tips for a Safe and Fun Dive
  77. Malaysia to License Turtle Egg Collecting?
  78. Bindi Irwin gets own wildlife show
  79. Coral transplants rebuild reefs wrecked in tsunami
  80. Sea Anemone Stingers Deliver Drugs
  81. Deciding the future of Baltic cod fisheries
  82. History hunter down below
  83. Scientists put shrimp on a treadmill
  84. £750,000 for dead diver's family
  85. Big fish bouncing back
  86. Algae Provide New Clues To Cancer
  87. NASA Satellite Data Helps Assess The Health Of Florida's Coral Reef
  88. Scuba Shop Owner Seeks New Trial In Wrongful-Death Suit
  89. Tiny "Housekeeper" Crabs Help Prevent Coral Death In South Pacific
  90. Reef fish lives fast, dies young
  91. Underwater sound breaks the surface
  92. New Underwater Breathing Device Set to Revolutionize Scuba Industry
  93. Egyptian teen choked by fish while swimming
  94. Underwater Nude Model Bitten by Shark on Photo Shoot
  95. Trawler pulls in UK scuba diver off Dorset coast
  96. Belize barrier reef suffers, global warming blamed
  97. Death of secret agent explained, somewhat
  98. New Species and New Records of Marine Species Discovered in NW Hawaiian Islands
  99. Scuba event raises $1,600 for Marine reservist's family
  100. ‘Fish cemetery’ a reminder of wildlife protection
  101. Aquarium fish turn into pumpkin for Halloween
  102. Forklift needed for odd freight
  103. EPA probe into stingray, shark deaths
  104. Autopsy Fails to Reveal Cause of Diver's Death
  105. SC-raised sea turtles start life in Atlantic
  106. How To Mend A Broken Heart: Zebrafish Hold Key To Regeneration
  107. Whale freed from shark nets
  108. Search continues for scuba diver missing near waterfront restaurant
  109. Vancouver man recovering from Maui shark attack
  110. Whale pod strands on New Zealand beach
  111. Maui beach reopens after shark attack
  112. Sharks‘ whale feast unique research opportunity
  113. Diver's death remains a mystery
  114. Sink the Vandenberg
  115. Spain has first Beluga whale
  116. Shark's bite not all that painful
  117. Ocean Creatures Linked to Cloud Cover Increases
  118. Bones found by scuba diver in Malta definitely not human
  119. Contaminants change fish
  120. Scuba Shop Owner Denied New Trial
  121. Maine Deputy Dies Diving for Evidence
  122. Jellyfish for heart trouble?
  123. Japan considers whale imports
  124. Rare lightshow seen in deep ocean
  125. Whale Vocab Richer Than Thought
  126. Healers of the sea
  127. Extraordinary life found around deep-sea gas seeps
  128. Pink Dolphins Disappearing
  129. Scientists call for Japan to stop 'inhumane' dolphin hunting
  130. Scientists make, mate robot fish to prove theory
  131. Coral reefs are increasingly vulnerable to angry oceans
  132. Ebay Sells a Whale
  133. Coastguard seizes coke-filled 'drug sub'
  134. Shark draws crowds, criticism to aquarium
  135. Humpback Whales Have Brain Cells Also Found In Humans
  136. Gene for Pregnant Male Fish Found
  137. South Korea unveils plans for fish hospital
  138. World Championships Delayed by 24 Hours
  139. Water "flowed recently" on Mars
  140. World record set by Scandinavian Divers
  141. US National Records Set at AIDA Worlds
  142. PADI Opens New Doors for Dive Center Success with eCommerce
  143. Scuba permit 'beyond powers of MCM'
  144. Freshwater Jellyfish
  145. Extreme Life, Marine Style, Highlights 2006 Ocean Census
  146. NItsch Breaks 9 Minutes Static Apnea
  147. Florida dive charter business owner dies scuba diving in Florida Keys
  148. Top 10 dive sites of the world
  149. UK woman rushed to hospital after scuba diving accident
  150. Octopus study shows way to save fish stocks
  151. Scuba diving permit kicks in
  152. Scuba Diver Survives Ten Hours At Sea
  153. Living Coral Reefs Provide Better Protection From Tsunami Waves
  154. Cleaned-up beach may set up scuba diving site
  155. Ike Brigham, founder of Ikelite, passes away
  156. Birth of island in South Pacific
  157. Plans in the works for huge manmade reef
  158. Hot water best for jellyfish sting
  159. Amazon selling Shark Fin soup
  160. Four missing after Red Sea dive
  161. Important Communication from Aqua Lung America on Online Marketing Philosophy
  162. Hope fades quickly for missing Red Sea divers
  163. New computer from Uwatec - Galileo Sol
  164. Fish's homing instinct offers clue to coral reef diversity
  165. Ocean Nitrogen Fixation: New Findings Blow A Decade Of Assumptions Out Of The Wa
  166. Saving Endangered Whales At No Cost
  167. New Regulations in the Galapagos:
  168. DAN Settles Lawsuit
  169. New Pipin-Mestre Book Released
  170. Diving indusrty mourns untimely death of Jordan Viders, age 22
  171. New York Underwater Photo Society Launches
  172. Fu Shan Hai - The diving ban has been lifted
  173. Haifa couple spared death after eating poisonous fish
  174. Tire Reef Off Florida Proves a Disaster
  175. Ludicrous dolphin plan shows we are scared silly
  176. Boozy brickie wrestles 4ft shark
  177. Alligator attacks Florida golf ball diver
  178. Rare shark born at Sydney aquarium
  179. Scientists Warn Of Climate Change Risk To Marine Turtles
  180. Scuba Diver dies at springs in Chiefland
  181. 'Regressive Evolution' In Cavefish: Natural Selection Or Genetic Drift
  182. Anti-Shark Gadget for Pussy Surfers
  183. Technician divers face unusual risks to complete repairs
  184. Distress-signal systems can be lifesavers for 'holiday divers'
  185. Fleet Diving Unit divers take an icy dip up north
  186. Male, Female Or Both? Study Shows Chemicals, Temperature Can Confuse Crustaceans
  187. Research Lifts Blindfold On Shark Vision
  188. Underwater Warriors to visit Cayman Brac
  189. Small print costs paralysed diver thousands
  190. Mystery in the depths
  191. Mistaken Identity? When A White Marlin May Not Always Be A White Marlin
  192. Antarctic Marine Explorers Reveal First Hints Of Biological Change After Collaps
  193. Report says divers swept toward pump in CA aqueduct
  194. Abalone divers victims of deep-sea crime
  195. Cody Brown, Age 13, Becomes New Columnist for Northwest Dive News Magazine
  196. Oceanic and AERIS Recalling Digital Dive Computers Due to Decompression Hazard
  197. Diving for evidence is demanding work
  198. Submarines discovered off Isle of Man
  199. Teen scuba diver spends 24 hours underwater
  200. NASA's Robotic Sub Readies For Dive Into Earth's Deepest Sinkhole
  201. Deep In The Ocean, A Clam That Acts Like A Plant
  202. Earth's Crust Missing In Mid-Atlantic
  203. Divers exonerated... but underwater team still sunk!
  204. Diver killed
  205. Navy divers push limits for the job
  206. Stop Distribution of Shark Fins
  207. Japanese sues dive shop over death of daughter at Grotto
  208. Diving Deaths Concern Water Safety NZ
  209. Dorothea diver drowns after being trapped by ropes
  210. Braving the Depths
  211. Sunken mine equipment protected
  212. Shark fin dishes under attack
  213. How sperm whales hunt jumbo squid
  214. Tracking down coral's serial killers
  215. Diving club left devastated by death of trainee
  216. Woman is 22nd diver since 1994 to die in north Wales quarry
  217. French court fines 4 divers for pillaging ancient shipwreck
  218. Shark with webbed feet
  219. Tributes after diver quarry death
  220. Discovery of Downed F-89 Scorpion and Unknown Object is Probably a Hoax
  221. Survivor tells police about Spiegel Grove scuba diving tragedy
  222. Danny Moody: Freighter added to reef
  223. Year of the Dolphin
  224. UMS team finds rare shark
  225. Using Microalgae To Try To Eliminate Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  226. Aussie cave divers set record of 177m
  227. Government backing for wireless underwater radio
  228. Diver 50 times over limit!
  229. Diving Hood Canal: Brace yourself for a really cool experience
  230. Deadly Jellyfish Halt Fool's Gold Filming
  231. Killer whales spotted in Andaman Sea
  232. Cause of Whale Shark's Death Revealed
  233. New DVD Video Helps Divers to Select and Use Dive Computers
  234. Rare reef discovered in Scottish loch
  235. Diver injured in stingray attack off East Coast
  236. Paraplegic soldier finds hope in diving
  237. First 'virtual dive cage' opens in Bournemouth
  238. Cable laid for new deep-sea observatory
  239. WWII wreck gets war grave status
  240. Jamaican 'Ganja Diver' Found Floating in Kingston Harbor; Propeller Hits Pot Tot
  241. After Ten Years, Project to Sink the Vandenberg off Florida Keys Begins; 'We are
  242. Shark pups open eyes and change fins early
  243. Aquarium offers shark cage experience
  244. Ancient Coral Reef Tells The History Of Kenya's Soil Erosion
  245. Whale Sighted in New York Harbor
  246. ‘Fish man’ diver died 60ft from safety
  247. Winter Flounder On The Fast Track To Recovery
  248. Marine Scientists Monitor Longest Mammal Migration
  249. Massive Coral Death Attributed To Earthquake
  250. Diver to sue after horrific accident